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Toronto cop involved in '16 McArthur arrest wants case heard by judge

Toronto cop involved in '16 McArthur arrest wants case heard by judge

He added that McArthur's killing spree stoked widespread fear in Toronto's LGBT community, forcing people to compromise how they lived their lives.

The court also heard that police had arrested McArthur in 2016 for assault after he attempted to strangle a man he had known.

By this time, McArthur was very much on the police radar after officers has linked his auto to the 2017 disappearance of Andrew Kinsman, later revealed as the eighth murder victim, court heard. Esen supported his sister when her husband died, Nadia Wali said on behalf of Esen's family. A friend of Kirushna Kanagaratnam detailed how the two of them had arrived in Canada together as refugees, convinced they would now be safe from the violence they had encountered in Sri Lanka.

She reported her husband missing on August 22, 2015.

"I still have not comprehended how this crime happened, and it consumes the majority of my thoughts", said Jalil Kayhan, the brother of Majeed Kayhan. Project Prism was the name given to the investigation of several missing men in the city's gay village.

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The prosecution did not display the images found on McArthur's electronic devices during the session, but said they included after-death photos of six of the eight victims. He was eventually named as one of the eight murder victims. When Andrew Kinsman, a 49-year-old LGBTQ activist and former bartender in Toronto went missing in 2017, authorities convened a second task force and were able to follow clues in the Kinsman case back to McArthur.

Cultural attitudes towards homosexuality nearly certainly played a role in keeping some of McArthur's victims isolated, Vijayanathan said.

The Crown read out a statement by Lisowick's daughter.

"My daughters suffer terribly knowing what happened to their father", she wrote.

"He cared deeply about the well-being of everyone around him", she told the court.

McArthur admitted he sexually assaulted and forcibly confined many of his victims before murdering them, Cantlon said.

"The homophobia, racism and xenophobia ... fosters the ideal environment for crimes of this nature", she said. Court also heard police interviewed McArthur as a witness years earlier in relation to the disappearances of three of the victims.

"McArthur's monstrous nature was hard to uncover because he led a life of extreme deception, not because of anything to do with the 2016 arrest". For offences committed before the law went into effect, all life sentences and related parole ineligibility periods are served concurrently. He will be 91 years old at that point, if he is still alive.

The disciplinary hearing of a detective accused of failing to act in the case of serial killer Bruce McArthur began Tuesday with the officer's lawyer challenging the independence of the tribunal and criticizing the police chief. McArthur and John had been intimate on several occasions before January 18, 2018.

Those who grow up in cultures where homosexuality is heavily stigmatized often find themselves trying to manage the anxieties of family members and friends whose upbringing leaves them fearful that their loved ones' sexual orientation may place them in danger, Vijayanathan said.

Investigators found McArthur had a USB drive that contained a directory with nine subfolders - eight for the men he killed and the ninth for the man found at the time of McArthur's arrest, Cantlon said.

Crown attorney Craig Harper argued that McArthur's decision to plead guilty should not be considered a sufficient mitigating factor in the sentencing "when you take the enormity of McArthur's crimes" into account. Curtis Wayne Sagmoen was initially charged with assault causing bodily harm but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge Monday in provincial court in Port Coquitlam.