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Toddler fell through cruise ship window that should’ve been closed, attorney says

Family of tot who fell to death on cruise denies grandfather dropped her

When asked on why the window that baby Chloe allegedly fell out of was open, the cruise company said: "We are assisting local authorities in San Juan, PR, as they make inquiries after an incident aboard Freedom of the Seas on Sunday".

"(The grandfather) has the awful unfortunate misfortune to have put her up on a railing (by the windows)", Winkleman said.

Salvatore Anello, the child's grandfather, is now under investigation and could face criminal charges of negligence, the New York Post reports.

The cruise ship was docked in San Juan, Puerto Rico, at the time, according to the Puerto Rico Department of Public Safety.

She is said to love looking through windows, as she had been pictured prior to her death looking through a glass window at her brother's hockey game. "And then she goes to bang on the glass, and the next thing you know, she's gone", Winkleman said.

Mr Winkleman told reporters the family felt "terrible", and that Mr Anello was "crying hysterically" when they spoke.

Puerto Rico Ports Authority spokesman José Carmona told The Associated Press that the family was gathered in or near a dining hall on the 11th floor and that the grandfather sat the toddler on the edge of a window. "It's all glass windows", said Winkleman.

It's claimed Chloe was in the arms of her grandfather Salvatore Anello when he propped her up on a railing to look through and bang on windows, which she reportedly loved doing at her brother's ice hockey games.

"The family needs answers as to why there would be an open window in a wall full of fixed windows in a kids' play area?"

"You have a wall of windows with one hidden hole", said Winkleman.

Chloe Wiegand, who was 18 months old, was traveling with her grandparents and parents on the Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas when she fell to her death on Sunday, according to her parent's attorney, Michael Winkleman. "Why would you have the danger without any warning, sign, or notice?" he asked.

The girl is the daughter of IN police officer Alan Wiegand and his wife, Kimberly.

"He takes her over to the windows, he thinks it's all glass, there's a wood railing there".

Winkleman is also asking to board the vessel to review surveillance video that allegedly captured the tragic moment she fell.

"I do think there is going to be blame and significant blame on the cruise line", he added.

The Wiegand family remains in Puerto Rico due to the active investigation.

Royal Caribbean International said it was "deeply saddened" about the tragedy in a statement.

The lawyer said the family, who are still in Puerto Rico, want to "shine a light" on the kind of child Chloe was. The spokesperson declined to comment on allegations of negligence.