To-play 'cinematic' racer Forza Street slides onto Windows 10

Forza Street

Although Forza Street was announced by Turn 10 Studios today, the game is actually a rebranding of the existing title Miami Street, which was released by Microsoft nearly a year ago and has now been significantly updated to include a refreshed narrative, upgraded vehicle parts, faster boot-ups, new animations, languages and an audio polishing.

Microsoft previously released a free-to-play Forza game on Windows 10 called Forza Motorsport 6: Apex, but Forza Street won't be as demanding. You'll have to worry about when to accelerate, brake, and boost, but not much else. You can even squeeze in a quick one-minute race while waiting for your bus, or get immersed in an endless story with multiple ways of achieving victory.

The game builds off Miami Street, a free-to-play title from 2018, so if this all seems oddly familiar to you, there's a reasonable chance that's the cause.

Forza Street is already available for Windows 10 devices. Windows 10 PC owners can download the game from the Microsoft Store now, but it's unclear when, exactly, the title will arrive for iOS and Android.

I think they can make a stronger case on mobile. According to Turn 10 Studios, it will release new features for the game over time, as well as "actively" engaging with the game's community, though no additional details on that were provided. If you're feeling totally turned off, rest easy knowing that more mainline Forza entries await us.