Tim Burton to direct Disney's 'Dumbo' live-action remake

Sir Ian Mc Kellen thinks controversy surrounding the inclusion of a gay character in Disney's live-action

The movie also gives us a peek at the prince's life a child and how his upbringing led him to become so cruel.

But one can't exactly fault Grande and Legend - who both excel at delivering pristine vocals - for this pop carnage. Once the Beast turns her away, she responds by cursing him and his staff. The film appears to feature a character who experiences same-sex attraction to the film's villain, Gaston.

"When you're able to bring wonderful casts to some of these characters - that haven't been realized in live action. you can sort of bring layers and texture", Bailey said.

Disney made it clear that they consider removal of the scene to be unacceptable and have announced that they will not be showing a cut version in Malaysia, meaning that the release of the movie in the country has been indefinitely postponed.

Menken said the lyrics have been reinstated due to the live action film having a "different tone, different audience" and being a "different medium" to the animated version. Apart from that, I'd only suggest avoiding missing the big musical numbers, which, if you know the original film, you'll know when they'll happen. Instead, the hype was focused on its actors: the straight-backed feminist Emma Watson as Belle and a slew of other well-knowns as her companions. This is a film that has based much of its promotional advertising on accuracy and dedicated reproduction: A quick Internet search of "Beauty and the Beast side by side trailer" brings up uncanny comparisons to the 1991 classic. The costumes and set design are stunning, and the Beast (Dan Stevens of Downton Abbey fame) special effects are really quite something. Emma Thompson as Ms. Potts radiates, Ewan McGregor voices Lumiere, and Stanley Tucci voices Cadenza. What "Jungle Book" issues do you see recurring?

I don't know where you come down on the subject of movie remakes, but I feel remakes should be reserved for movies that weren't big hits or widely accepted as classics. And why would a gay man try so hard to get attention from the town's women? Belle's wanna-be suitor Gaston and his right-hand man Le Fou step up, taking a crowd of villagers along with them. Do you want to hear a list of other films coming to theaters this week?

For the most part, excellent. Then, the AI assistant threw in a "By the way", after which it goes into what anyone with at least a few marbles rolling around in their head would describe as an advertisement for the "Beauty And The Beast" remake. This is a film that's family friendly and one that I highly recommend going to see. I may have loved this movie more than a typical movie goer, as I have been a massive fan of it for a long time. Watson is decent actress, although she looks lost at times here.