Three people injured in Swiss shooting


A man has stormed into a Zurich mosque and opened fire on people praying, injuring three, police say.

"I can only confirm that there was a shooting", a spokeswoman for Zurich police said.

Police cordoned off the centre as they searched the building, reports said.

Reuters reported that the attack occurred near the city's main train station and on a small street where an Islamic center is located.

Emergency services were called to the scene in Switzerland's largest city where police confirmed a "large operation" was underway in the Eisgasse.

The suspect, a man about the age of 30, had fled the mosque, which is frequented by Somalis, police said.

It was unclear if the Islamic Centre was targeted in the attack, which took place shortly before 17:30 (16:30 GMT) on Monday.

Across Switzerland, two-thirds of its 8.3 million residents identify as Christians.