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Thousands of Bangladeshi protest Rohingya killings

The Rohingya are being forced out of Myanmar and the UN has been investigating

The United Nations (UN) says almost 300,000 Rohingya refugees have arrived in Bangladesh since attacks by Rohingya militants on Myanmar security forces in the violence-racked Rakhine state on August 25 sparked a major military backlash.

At the same time, Bangladesh along with India is also not willing to accept the fleeing refugees from Myanmar open heartedly.

"However, there is no report of any Rohingya Muslim being intercepted", he said. She said Myanmar will do better in this regard.

The Rohingya are Muslims who live in majority-Buddhist Myanmar. Ali accused Myanmar of running a "malicious propaganda" campaign to term the Rohingya as "illegal migrants from Bangladesh" and the militants as "Bengali terrorists". The government does not recognise them as citizens, effectively rendering them stateless. Rohingya militant groups are often involved in the clashes. Many have since paid people smugglers to take them on risky sea voyages to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, where they are often exploited.

Meantime, the Iranian Permanent Mission to the UN has been also ordered to pursue the issue of Rohingya Muslims in talks with the worldwide body officials and his counterparts from Muslims nations, he noted.

Rohingya Muslims are considered to be among the world's most persecuted people. An global treaty in 1997 outlawed their use.

A little girl carried a panel on her back as she crossed into Teknaf after braving a risky crossing on the Naf River that runs between Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Newly arrived Rohingya refugees rest by the roadside in Ukhiya after fleeing to Bangladesh from Myanmar. Both incidents occurred on Sunday.

China is known as a longtime ally of Myanmar.

Myanmar is yet to comment on Arsa's initiative.

Rathedaung, the site of the latest fires, is the furthest Rohingya-inhabited area from the border with Bangladesh. "Slowly, one after another, villages are being burnt down - I believe that Rohingyas are already wiped out completely from Rathedaung", said one of the sources, Chris Lewa of the Arakan Project, a Rohingya monitoring group.

The German government says it has halted several aid projects in Myanmar due to violence in the country that has caused hundreds of thousands of ethnic Rohingya Muslims to flee their homes. Thousands of Rohingya remaining in the north-western state of Rakhine have been left without shelter or food, and many are still trying to cross mountains, dense bush and rice fields to reach Bangladesh.

The Rohingya have faced decades of discrimination and persecution in Myanmar and are denied citizenship despite centuries-olds roots in the Rakhine region.

They boarded coaches in the city on Saturday with banners saying "stop the genocide in Myanmar".