'This is Us' Season Finale

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Rebecca left the show minutes before the band was set to perform and drove Jack home in near silence. Because Jack was as vigorous as ever in the finale, some viewers have started to wonder if he somehow faked his death, meaning he's alive out there somewhere. But it wasn't a throwaway episode, either. And because it's "This Is Us", there were plenty of tear-jerker moments. But frankly, we're just relieved that Jack is still alive at the end of the episode. And Randall (Sterling K. Brown) has decided that he wants to follow in his parents' footsteps and adopt. Kevin is auditioning for a Ron Howard film with the support of his ex-wife, Sophie, with whom he recently reunited. It does look like Kate (Chrissy Metz) is planning on following in her mom's footsteps with a singing career, so that could be something to look forward to.

That's the ideal state of mind for him to find out that Ben (Sam Trammell) made a move on Rebecca, right?

When Renee asked when Jack would come back to the Pearson house, he shared, "He loves his family, he loves his wife". Where does Miguel stand in the scheme of things? Jack completely forgot about his, focusing instead on the robbery plan. Eventually, Rebecca's date shows up and after enduring an impossibly boring conversation with "Evan", she excuses herself because she'd rather be an open mic night.

She goes to bed angry, sad and exhausted, and we can only pray Jack's still there in the morning.

"There are all these big moments [in the season 1 finale] and, of course, for Jack and Rebecca the idea that they're broken", said Ventimiglia. So instead of being reminded of why she loves this man, she got to see the worst of him. 'I have no life! I am a freaking ghost!' "#ThisIsUs finally delivered the death you've been waiting for!" effused Us Weekly in a morbid if upbeat tweet (that was quickly deleted) following the drama's acclaimed February 21 episode, featuring the demise of a prominent beloved character. As the argument lost steam, Jack headed toward the door.

No other series has served as such a reliable catalyst for damp-eyed catharsis, and in any other season that would have made "This Is Us" a joke.

Jack eventually stops and says, 'This is insane, we love each other'.

In the morning, Rebecca came downstairs to find Jack sitting on the couch. While fixing Mrs. Peabody's vehicle, she questions how he came back from the war in such good spirits, and he explains that he didn't have it as hard as some people because he was only a mechanic.

She goes on, 'What do you love about me?

The episode, however, does give viewers some more insight into Jack's past. And that you laugh with your entire face. But she's wrong to make his alcoholism all about her: "I do find it convenient that this alcoholism of yours has suddenly re-materialized at the exact same moment that I finally have something happening for myself".

"I love the mother that you are". True to form, the writing is precise, with the ideal degree of emotion to delineate that while there's clearly a lot of love and devotion between the two, there are also some major communication issues that they need to address if they're to have any hope of a future together.

He closes by telling her that she may think their love story is over, but it's just getting started.

With This Is Us known as the show that makes America cry on Tuesday night, Berger and Aptaker say that they've spoken with This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman about lightening things up a bit in Season 2.

And there will certainly be more tears.