This $20 device can turn any wired headphones wireless

Along with volume and playback controls the iTrip Clip also features a built-in microphone

Although no official announcement has been made about Apple doing away with the headphone jack, Griffin has chose to begin offering an accessory created to make the potential transition less painful. That future isn't too far away, if you believe the rumors about Apple ditching the 3.5mm connector from its next iPhone. Therefore, Griffin's Bluetooth move is a fairly safe one, no matter what does or doesn't happen with the jack.

Just days before Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 7 without a headphone jack, Griffin Technology has introduced a new iTrip Clip clippable adapter that enables any pair of wired headphones with a 3.5mm jack to function as wireless headphones via Bluetooth. The $20 device goes on sale in September. "No problem! Don't worry if your favorite smartphone doesn't have the headphone jack". Though the Clip won't flop around the end of your phone, it is another thing to charge - over the aging microUSB standard, no less - and it'll technically make your headphones sound worse than they would with a 3.5mm connection. There's a built-in mic for taking calls, a handful of playback buttons on the device's front, and a shirt clip on its back. But if you want to hold onto your old headphones, Griffin's device might turn out to be an affordable way to do it.

It will be most useful for people who want to connect to a auto audio system or media reciever at home, since its added bulk can be avoided while on the go by simply picking up a pair of Bluetooth headphones.