Thirsty for jail: Woman burgles Drake's home, steals drinks

The tragic event took place in India

In 2010, Drake appeared in an advert for Sprite. Drake wasn't home at the time.

A woman was recently arrested for breaking into the home of rapper Drake and drinking his soft drinks.

A 24-year-old woman was charged with felony burglary for stealing soft drinks and water, reports TMZ. And while she didn't get to meet the host of honor, Drake, she did admit to making herself at home in his absence by coming up off a Sprite, a Pepsi and a Fiji water.

Police officers were called to the scene, where the woman claimed she had been allowed to enter the property, which was reportedly untrue.

Last week, it was reported a Florida woman came home to find a unusual man in her kitchen frying chicken and drinking her alcohol.

In other news, Drake's been accused of impregnating an Instagram model.

Drake made a surprise performance at the Coachella music festival in Indio, Calif. on Saturday, where he performed hits "Fake Love," "Jumpman" and "Gyalchester" during Future's set". One of Drake's crew members had arrived back home later in the evening and when they entered the home, there was a woman wearing one of Drake's sweaters and waiting for him in his bedroom.