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Theresa May refuses to rule out ‘never ending vote’ on Brexit

The UK Government is planning a traffic stress-test with HGVs as part of no-deal Brexit preparation

When 17.4 million chose to leave the EU, they didn't vote to stay locked in the customs union or the single market.

Laureen Evans, who lives opposite the airfield where she runs the Manston Riding Centre, said the test did not have an impact but she anxious an influx of lorries could cause queues on the roads around the airport.

At Manston airport in Kent, which could be used as an area for parking if there is gridlock at the port of Dover, 87 trucks were lined up, the Department for Transport said.

The tests began Monday morning and are meant to gauge how severe the disruption would be if Britain leaves the European Union on March 29 without an agreed upon withdrawal deal.

Dover handles some 10,000 heavy goods vehicles every day and there are concerns that increased checks on the border will create congestion on roads in the county of Kent.

Writing in the Guardian, Ms Cooper said a no-deal Brexit would cause "deep and long-lasting" damage, and the country "can't afford to play Brexit chicken and wait to see who blinks first". "This is a taxpayer-funded farce", Moran said.

But pro-Europeans fear Britain's exit will hammer the economy and undermine the West as it grapples with Donald Trump's unpredictable US presidency and growing assertiveness from Russian Federation and China.

"Today's trial can not possibly duplicate the reality of 4,000 trucks that would be held at Manston airport in the event of a no-deal Brexit", Richard Burnett said.

He said the test may need to be repeated, adding: "This process should have started nine months ago".

Pro-Remain MPs are targeting the Government's finances as part of a last-ditch effort to prevent a no-deal Brexit, taking inspiration from the USA government shutdown now suffered by Donald Trump. "At this late stage it looks like window dressing".

On Tuesday, her government could face a bid to block an unmanaged exit when a group of lawmakers try to amend budget legislation to deny funding for some no-deal preparations unless they are approved by parliament. A vote is due around Jan 15.

One of those leading that opposition, lawmaker Jacob Rees-Mogg, said in a newspaper article that it was "wishful thinking" that time away from parliament over the Christmas holiday could persuade him to change his mind and back the deal.

A "no-deal Brexit" is deemed to be the worst-case scenario, with serious implications for the UK's GDP, prices, stock and supply of medicines produced in Europe, movement of British and European citizens within Europe, and the ability of major UK-based banks and financial institutions to operate across Europe.

The UK government staged a "fake traffic jam" in Kent on Monday morning, with lorries queuing all the way to Dover, to establish the implications of Britain leaving the European Union without a deal, leading to ridicule on social media.

"The deal that is on the table is the best and the only deal possible", chief spokesman Margaritis Schinas told reporters when asked about a phone conversation on Friday between May and Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker."This deal will not be renegotiated".