The Walking Dead season 8 finale: is there a future for Negan?

Michonne in The Walking Dead season 8 finale

As for the "troubled survivor" mentioned in the first part of the synopsis, the automatic assumption here is to think of Morgan.

After about 65 minutes I was prepared to make this the final grumble thread, as even a masochist can take only so much.

"You can hide, but you can't run", Rick tells Morgan - who immediately proves him wrong by picking a random direction at a crossroads and literally begins to run in that direction. They square off again and Rick lures Negan into shutting up for a second by telling him what Carl wanted. He wants that for all of the communities. Will Daryl actually turn against his "brother" Rick?

Morgan in The Walking Dead season 8 finale
AMCMorgan in The Walking Dead season 8 finale

Cohan (whose distressed reaction to Rick's let-him-live decision was the best part of the episode) nabbed the lead role in the ABC pilot Whiskey Cavalier, which, coupled with her lack of contract, could make fulfilling her Walking Dead duties hard. "They are much more hard to defeat". While Tara might not have forgiven Dwight for killing Denise, she's let go. Also, Daryl hasn't had any abnormal animosity toward Negan, so it's unclear why he would work with Maggie. We thought, 'Is Danai going to get hit?' It was hard because they didn't want to sit there and have to meter themselves. He didn't kill Dwight, I guess, because Dwight had to be made to witness the Grimes gang's ultimate defeat. They got really excited really quickly and then it was like, is Garret available? "For Fear, as the crossover occurs, I hope that it whets people's appetites", Gimple said. They'll be dealing with things we haven't seen them deal with before and dealing with each other in ways we haven't seen before. It could likely mean that Rick and Michonne are in danger, but in danger of what? He didn't go back with her though, saying that he's not meant to be around other people. And if so, how would Rick react? "Michonne too", Maggie explained to Jesus calmly.

Instead of harboring all of these negative feelings toward Negan, both Daryl and Maggie need to learn to let go. Negan has been the villain for two full seasons now, which have also been two of the most tiresome the show has ever delivered. The first three seasons of the show are great television, it was just exciting to feel the shows get a little closer together before they get extremely distinct. The good news: There's a definitive answer to Negan's fate. She's been in negotiations for a while now, asking for more money - and you can't really blame her. And I think anyone involved in that plan will face consequences.

Gimple has been emphasizing a "very, very different" world in Season 9, although there's no confirmation of a major time jump, as there is at this point in Kirkman's comic book. But otherwise it's just going to be Jeffrey Dean Morgan sitting in a cell until his eventual release or escape, which isn't going to be that much fun to watch on TV (just another of many things that will get lost in translation with that character). I still don't see any real reason why Carl had to die to justify the ending of the season. Even Negan ended up being injured. Will Rick fight Maggie in order to keep Negan alive and in misery? Would you have killed Negan? See you in the fall for Season - and sound off with your thoughts on the finale below! If you look closely enough and don't blink, you'll notice the glass pane that Rick shot and broke is now completely untouched. As she collects her things, Morgan continues on his departure, heading into an unknown path (which will end up being the setting of Fear The Walking Dead).