The MLBPA wants a universal designated hitter in 2019

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Disability advocates asked Major League Baseball to change the name because so people wouldn't confuse "disabilities" and "injuries" and further the thinking that a disability means someone can't play a sport.

Strikeouts exceeded hits for the first time last year and the big-league batting average dropped to its lowest level since 1972, the year before the American League adopted the DH. Players would like the relief pitcher restriction to reach the major leagues in 2020.

From the league's standpoint, the universal DH figures to be one battle they won't be as determined to fight against.

Analytics have transformed baseball in a short span, leading to more infield shifts and frequent pitching changes that have combined to suffocate offense. "We've got another week to go, and I'm really hopeful that the representatives for the players find a club and they're able to make a deal".

"I think that's just in an effort to try not to put the game in a test tube", Torre said.

Spring training begins for pitchers and catchers next week and Opening Day is 50 days away, but Major League Baseball and the players association are considering jamming in significant rules changes for the regular season. Mixing, or making similar the terms "disabled" and "injury" could infer an inability to participate in sports.

Multiple outlets are reporting that MLB and the MLB Players Association are discussing multiple changes that would be created to improve pace of play. The memo was obtained by ESPN, which first reported the news. "In recent years, the commissioner has received several inquiries regarding the name of the "Disabled List, '" Pfeifer wrote". All standards and requirements for placement, reinstatement, etc., shall remain unchanged. The list will be comprised of a 10-day injured list for short-term injuries, and a 60-day version for long-term injuries. The most notable changes that jumped out to baseball fans were the union's proposal for a universal designated hitter and the league's proposal that all pitchers must face a minimum of three hitters per appearance.