The Flu Nearly Reached Epidemic Levels This Season

This Year's Flu Season Shaping up to be a Severe One

The Ohio Department of Health said as of January 5 there were 2,104 flu-associated hospitalizations this flu season in Ohio.

"This is not a pandemic flu situation, but a major seasonal flu situation", the health department said in a release.

"Pair these factors with an early start to the season, and we've got ourselves a bad year of influenza", Scherzer said.

Hays County Local Health Department Epidemiologist Eric Schneider said flu season is technically September through April.

According to Public Health Canada's FluWatch report, influenza activity is spiking in Canada.

"We are off to a very severe beginning to 2018 as far as flu cases", said Jonathan Modie, spokesman for the Public Health division of the Oregon Health Authority.

This Year's Flu Season Shaping up to be a Severe One

People should continue to take precautions, however, he said.

"Even if it's not a good match and even if you do get sick, you have a milder version of the disease, so hopefully you don't have to be hospitalized ... and you may not expire", he said.

There are also concerns that this year's flu shot may not be all that effective in preventing the respiratory illness. Residents with questions should contact their health care provider. Although wait times have remained mostly the same, this new area has decreased congestion in the emergency department, said Stefany Snedden, communications co-ordinator with the health-care system. The Denton County Public Health department offers low-priced immunizations to those who qualify. However, the state does track pediatric deaths.

Last week it reported that as of December 30, there have been 13 reported cases of influenza-related intensive care unit admission. No public schools had been closed because of increased influenza-like illness.

And if you need a little incentive, know that Nevada is listed as one of 26 states with high flu activity this season, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The district has also been sending parents messages, by telephone, text, email, and on social media, suggesting ways to help minimize exposure to the flu.

Anyone who is particularly at risk - including the elderly and those with heart and/or lung conditions - should seek immediate medical attention if they show flu-like symptoms. Both are indicated by coughing and a runny nose, but the flu is separated by headaches, chills, a possible fever and extreme fatigue.