The Cop Who Was Shot Point-Blank Bought His Own Body Camera

Smith is heard panting and yelling as he ran back to his squad car to report that he was shot with his bloody hands appearing in the video frame

Officer Quincy Smith caught the terrifying ordeal on a bodycam, begging fellow officers over his radio: "Tell my family I love them". Four gunshots ring out followed by Smith shouting "shots fired", and then four additional shots.

Footage filmed on a $30 (£23) camera for his glasses, which Smith personally bought himself, shows the officer repeatedly asking Orr to stop walking away and take his hands out of his pockets.

"Shots fired", screamed Smith into his radio as he headed for his patrol vehicle and the sound of additional gunfire is heard.

After giving several commands for Orr to stop and take his hand out of the camouflage jacket he was wearing, Smith took out his Taser and threatened to use it on Orr.

Stone said Estill Officer Quincy Smith was responding to a call on New Year's Day 2016 about someone trying to snatch groceries from customers. A bullet also passed through Smith's upper torso and was extracted from his back.

Officer Smith armed with his taser gun, can't get the suspect to comply.

According to authorities, Smith spotted a man matching that description walking away from the store along Railroad Avenue.

"My arm is broken, and I've been shot in the neck", he said. At one point, apparently fearing the worst, Smith asks the dispatcher to convey a message to his family that he loves them. "I've called 911, I've called 911, is there anything I can do for you?"

The man looks over at Smith a second time but continues to walk down the road. Stay with me. Stay with me man.

Dispatch informs all available units to respond to the area, as Smith tells them he's been hit in the neck. Tompkins kindly suggests that the woman keeps calm in the interest of Smith's welfare.

Seven minutes after Orr fired his first shots, emergency sirens blare in the distance.

An ambulance arrives and treats Smith for his injuries.

With the body-camera footage serving as evidence, a jury found Orr guilty of attempted murder and possession of a firearm in commission of a violent crime.