'The Bachelorette' 2016 Spoilers: JoJo Fletcher Gave Final Rose To Jordan Rodgers?


"Are you trying to insinuate that I'm stupid, Jordan?". That cued the rest of the guys to exit the horribly tense moment, too, leaving Evan and Vinny to sit there like a couple of chumps. Something to fun keep an eye on is the frequency with which Chad wears and removes his. She gave the rose to Alex nearly by default because she didn't want to marry Chad and wake up one night with a noose around her neck or something.

He's known for being the villain on the newest season of The Bachelorette. Maybe he'll be the next Bachelor. The talk turns to sex, and in their efforts to impress JoJo, the men turn to a stand-up comedy routine, regaling her with stories of their love lives. The fact of the matter is, he's a violent guy. "We met about a week ago". They were the three most personable, kindest [guys], and were asking a lot of questions. "It's like a 1 on 1 with me and JoJo where we basically had this needy little guy trailing behind us." . It was too intimate. "And you think that you're safe for now", Chad spews.

The episode ends with a "To Be Continued ..." that makes it very unclear if Chad was sent home for good or not. If he meant it, he would have rejected the rose and quit the show. I'm not going to tell her. Week 3 was brimming with interesting scenes, so the makers made it a two-part episode for this week. Chris Harrison then maintained discipline and suggested him to search for a diplomatic and a productive solution for his frustration. She asks him what is the problem? "Is this a real scenario right now?" Chad, at peak roid rage, fumed toward the mansion. "I don't like this side of you", she said. "Don't be disrespectful, I don't like that". This was a turning point, where JoJo finally started to see what everyone else was seeing. In the ultimate "Bachelorette" twist, Chad returned to the house to face the other men one last time. And the other guys loved it. That seems more than fair. "It's awesome", Alex gloated. "I am capable of going to the extreme if I have to".

JoJo returned and, duh, told Chad goodbye and gave Alex the date rose.

Steve's Bachelorette spoilers share that Chad and Jordan Rodgers will get into it, and previews have shown that this situation will get quite dramatic. Chad denies these claims and says that all of the problems stem from his beef with Evan.

Evan took a big risk by doing what he did. When will Chad Johnson be eliminated on "The Bachelorette"? Chad smirked. Even Daniel seems to have abandoned him by now. Evan is entering very unsafe territory here. She (gasp) turned her head to avoid the kiss. He's up in the announcer's booth insulting players over the loudspeaker.

After breaking open his knuckles on the door - which he later explained away as "a door walked into the way of my hand" - Chad realized that the injury might inhibit him from working out.