‘The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit,’ is Free Hits Next Month

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

"We have always imagined Life is odd as a diverse universe filled with interesting characters and stories to tell". According to developer DONTNOD, a full announcement for the franchise's long-awaited follow-up will arrive soon after, but there'll be clues and hints for fans to find in Captain Spirit.

Announced today during the Microsoft E3 Briefing that THE AWESOME ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN SPIRIT is an all-new, original narrative experience demo set in the critically acclaimed, award-winning LIFE IS STRANGE franchise.

The game itself will put players into the role of a 10-year-old boy named Chris, who "dreams of being a superhero". The studio is also working on a game with Bandai Namco entitles "Twin Mirror", which is set for a 2019 release, and "Life is unusual 2", which has no tentative release date yet.

So TAAOCS is in a way, a proof of concept that the Life Is Strange universe has more to it than Max, Chloe, and possibly even the town of Arcadia Bay. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is coming to Xbox One for free on June 26th.

Whatever the case, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit will be available to download for free via the Xbox Store on 26th June.

In a blog spot from Dontnod, the studio detailed that Captain Spirit will be a "self-contained" narrative experience in the Life is unusual series, and will specifically "give you glimpse [sic] into Life is odd 2's brand new story...but only if you're clever enough to piece the clues together!" We get to watch as he goes through his stories as Captain Spirit.