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Texas College Apartment Party Causes Floor to Collapse

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At least 50 residents from a Denton apartment complex have been displaced after the floor of a third-story unit collapsed during a party late Saturday night. Busari says he fell through the floor himself, and that the party spiraled out of control when people he didn't know suddenly appeared.

The residents in the apartment below had just left minutes before, in order to make a noise complaint about the party with the Denton Police Department.

University of North Texas students who were celebrating homecoming in Denton ended the party with a - bang. Carroll and her three roommates, all sophomores at the University of North Texas, were not home at the time.

Investigators say the collapse was likely caused by too much jumping.

Glenn says about 30 people were in the apartment at the time of the collapse and that he believes the structure just couldn't handle that many people dancing and jumping at one time.

"We're trying to reach a goal of $10,000 to help my neighbor and to help pay for damages", he explained.

Between 10 and 12 people received minor injuries in the collapse, police said.

"Currently the building is completely shut down. until the apartment complex can get a structural engineer, and a construction crew out here to check the building out and certify that the entire building is safe", said Denton Fire Marshal Brad Lahart. The fire department says it will be up to the city to determine if there were any code violations.

One woman named Carley Carroll created a GoFundMe account for her sister, who lived in the apartment underneath where the party was taking place.

"TVs, computers, just everything".