Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s Tetris Effect coming to PS4, PSVR this fall

Tetris Effect REVEALED PS4 E3 2018 begins with new game from Rez and Lumines creators

Tetris Effect is named after an actual psychological effect seen in Tetris players, and Sony says the game is created to enhance elements of this phenomenon. Music, backgrounds, sounds, special effects-everything, down to the Tetris pieces themselves, pulse, dance, shimmer, and explode in flawless sync with how you're playing.

Earlier this week, Sony announced that they'd be making a game announcement every day from today until E3. 4K and 60fps on the PS4 Pro will be available as well. As both the trailer and website point out, the Tetris Effect happens when "players' brains are so engrossed that images of the iconic falling Tetrimino blocks (i.e. the Tetris playing pieces) linger in their vision, thoughts, and even dreams". The Zone will allow players to get out of a Game Over scenario or rack up extra line clears for bonus rewards. "Well a big hint is in the name itself; if you Google "Tetris Effect research" you'll discover it's not just our game title but also a well-known phenomenon proven by many academic studies". In the run up to launch more all-new modes and other features are set to be revealed.

There will also be fan-favorite modes like Marathon, Sprint, and Ultra, and a player grading and leveling system as well as variable difficulty to encourage and reward replayability.

Some of these updates have been mainly aesthetic re-workings, while others have experimented with adding new game modes and ways of playing.

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Tetris Effect is the latest take on one of the most recognizable formulas in the gaming world, with the most notable addition being the support for virtual reality.