Tesla Denies 'Misleading' Reports Model 3s Are Being Built By Hand

Tesla Denies 'Misleading' Reports Model 3s Are Being Built By Hand

After reports the company is grossly behind its own production forecasts, Musk has released a video showing off the slow Model 3 assembly line.

Otto has become a part of Uber's Advanced Technologies Group, but the company hasn't showcased it self-driving trucks lately and has started a new division called Uber Freight, which is focused on using Uber's ride-hailing tech to match truckers with loads.

The company's financials indicate that operating loss increased sharply in Q4 2016, and has remained elevated throughout 2017, despite a small dip in Q2 2017.

Tesla is denying reports from earlier this month suggesting the electric vehicle maker is building Model 3s by hand because of a failure to fully automate production. Just 220 of these were made up of the Model 3. AAPL, +0.35% proving the viability and popularity of smartphones with the iPhone.

According to Tesla CEO, Elon Musk's twitter announcement, the electric technology company's attention has been diverted away from the heavy vehicle project to commit more resources to Model 3 bottlenecks, and to increase battery production for hurricane-affected Puerto Rico.

Telsa has opted to move the launch of its electric truck back two weeks in order to focus on fixing Model 3 production issues and assist with power grid repair efforts in Puerto Rico.

The company had initial talks with Governor of Puerto Rico on October 6th, and are exploring opportunities to rebuild the infrastructure that was destroyed in the disaster.

There has been some concern that Tesla's recently launched lower-cost Model 3 would dampen demand for Model S. In addition, the Model S' ability to consistently outsell comparably priced large luxury sedan has been critiqued by some to be unsustainable. Neither car is dramatic to look at on the outside.

"Ultimately, we see risk that these production delays could negatively sway these [purple-pill] investors", they wrote, though they expect any pressure at the moment to be short-term in nature.

This reporting is fundamentally wrong and misleading. The Model 3 is supposed to be simple.

Some locals told Electrek that installers have charged as much as $12,000 for a Powerwall with installation. It certainly doesn't help that some third-party installers are charging excessive premiums, Electrek first reported.

The only official information we have on Tesla's semi truck is the teaser shown above.