Terry Crews reportedly files a police report over sexual assault

Terry Crews reportedly files a police report over sexual assault

The LAPD confirmed to the Daily News that Crews met with officers from the department's Hollywood station, but could not confirm what the meeting entailed.

TMZ reports that Crews filed a formal complaint on Wednesday against the Hollywood executive, even though he hasn't publicly named the accused.

We posted yesterday on the revelation of the suspect, who is William Morris Endeavor Entertainment's Adam Venit.

In a lengthy thread, Crews, 49, claimed a high-powered honcho grabbed his crotch and afterward, "grinned like a jerk".

Crews added that he told everyone he knew and worked with about what happened to him.

"I thought twice about how the whole thing would appear: "240 lbs". Also, news outlets have noted that Adam Venit has since taken a leave of absence from the agency since the news surfaced.

Filing a report with the LAPD could lead to a criminal investigation and potential charges since the alleged groping happened within California's statute of limitations.

Venit does not represent Crews, but he does represent the likes of Eddie Murphy, Diane Keaton and Russell Brand.

Crews said he opted not to take it further because he didn't want to be "ostracized - par 4 the course when the predator has power n influence". "He called me the next day with an apology but never really explained why he did what he did".

'I let it go. And I understand why many women who this happens to let it go", he wrote before continuing, "Who's going 2 believe you?

The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" actor opened up about his experience with sexual assault in a series of tweets after the Harvey Weinstein reports broke, claiming an unnamed Hollywood executive once "groped" his privates.