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Tensions rise between India, China: PLA enters India, jostles with Indian Army


A spokesman with China's foreign ministry said Indian border guards "obstructed normal activities" by the Chinese military and demanded that India withdraw immediately.

The Chinese side has also asked India to "respect the border treaty" and "respect the territorial sovereignty of China, carry out the immediate withdrawal of border border officials and thoroughly investigate the matter, to maintain peace and tranquility in the Sikkim section of the Sino-Indian border". China said that the Indian side has no right to interfere in the construction of road in its "own territory".

The Nathu La Pass sits 4,545 meters above the sea level and is wedged between Yadong County in Xigaze Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region, and India's Sikkim State.

Geng's statement comes after tension mounted in a remote area of Sikkim following a scuffle between the personnel of the Indian Army and the PLA, leading to Chinese troops damaging bunkers on the Indian side of the border. "The Indian Army has sent reinforcements to the area and our men are on high alert 24×7", the official said.

India and China have been unable to resolve their border dispute after the 1962 war.

Though Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Geng Suhang said in Beijing on Monday that they were in touch with India over the denial of entry to Indian pilgrims he declined to elaborate if the Indian pilgrims were stopped by the Chinese officials due to inclement weather or there was some other reasons.

To stop the China's People's Liberation Army from entering the Indian territory, the Indian troops formed a human wall. As for the air transport corridor, it is an agreement between two sovereign nations, so one can't explain why the Chinese have said this. Finally, the Chinese side agreed to a meeting on June 20. They waited at the base camp and tried to cross again on June 23 but were denied permission by the Chinese officials. This was the second route agreed by the two counties for the Kailash Yatra.

The Nathulla route enabled pilgrims to travel 1500 km long route from Nathu La to Kailash by buses.

"It is undeniable that geopolitical issues are complicated in this region, but it would still be better for India to develop economic and trade relations with Pakistan".