Technology credited for helping reduce breast cancer

People participate in a QCS event to raise awareness of breast cancer

Boyd Gaming to unveil limited-edition drink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (PRESS RELEASE) - In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Boyd Gaming will debut a limited-edition fruit infused brew called Red Rose at Triple 7 at Main Street Station Casino Brewery and Hotel on 10 October.

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month Hillside is hosting an awareness raising day, highlighting how to spot breast cancer and focusing on the support you and your loved ones can get to help you at this hard time.

We help eligible, uninsured women get free mammograms, and we are here to encourage every woman to get their mammogram. That's about a 12% lifetime risk of developing a breast cancer.

Breast cancer "conquerors" and their families in addition to large number of students from old city participated in the run, expressing solidarity with the Pink Ribbon campaign.

Here in CT, roughly 3,000 women annually are diagnosed with breast cancer. After skin cancer, it's the most common cancer in women. Center for Disease Control and Prevention's latest U.S. Cancer Statistic Report showed New Jersey's cancer rates were higher than the national average, but due to access of treatment has fewer deaths from cancer.

Talk to your doctor about what factors are increasing your risk for developing a breast cancer.

Average women should begin screening at age 45.

Researchers found that breast tissues of healthy women contain more of a bacterial species Methylobacterium.

"Men also need to remain aware as cancers are genetic", said Dr Neupane. "If more than one effective treatment exists, then patients should look for the treatment option that has the least impact on employment or whatever is most relevant to her". Since our program began, we have helped numerous women get screened for cancer in this region.

Self examinations are good, but Stewart said a 3-D mammogram can catch things before you'd be able to feel them.