Taylor Swift Faces New Lawsuit

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Pop's sweetheart Taylor Swift is being sued over allegedly stealing Shake It Off from another artist.

According to TMZ, singer Jessie Braham claims the Swift song, which has been one of the most popular songs from a year ago, borrows heavily from a song he wrote in 2013, titled "Haters Gone Hate".

Luckily for Taylor though, lawyers have confirmed to Perez Hilton that "Mr. Braham, who is representing himself, cannot claim copyright protection for the phrases "haters gonna hate" and "players gonna play" because the Copyright Act does not protect short phrases and these phrases are not original to him".

Haters gonna hate, players gonna play.

Braham, who goes by Jessie Graham on his track... wants $42 million from Taylor, and wants his name added to any new prints of "Shake It Off".

The papers - obtained by People - also state that Mueller had admitted Taylor was assaulted but placed the blame on his superior at Denver radio station KYGO, named Eddie Haskell.

Braham claims Swift's chorus is a rip-off of his song. "Ms. Swift knows exactly who committed the assault, it was Mueller". 'He lifted her skirt and groped her'.

Anyway, if we were Tay-Tay we'd just get our angry Scottish boyfriend to fire off a series of tweets - that usually shuts everyone up doesn't it? Those requests were denied by Swift's team.


She wore her short, blonde hair styled in soft waves, and hid her eyes behind a pair of tortoiseshell Ray-Ban sunglasses.