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Tapper hits Trump and son's posts about Warren as 'blatant racism'

BOSTON MA- JANUARY 21 Sen. Elizabeth Warren, speaks during a rally for airport workers affected by the government shutdown at Boston Logan International Airport

Warren officially launched her presidential campaign on Saturday in her home state of MA at a mill site where largely immigrant and female factory workers went on strike in 1912 to call attention to the wealthy power brokers who "have been waging a class warfare against hardworking people for decades", Warren said in her speech.

U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris of California also is expected to make her second campaign appearance in SC this weekend. "Yeah. Donald Trump is the symptom of a badly broken system", Warren said.

Massachusetts Senator Warren officially launched her presidential bid on Saturday, inspiring Lowe to tweet that she "would bring a whole new meaning to Commander in 'Chief'".

Elizabeth Warren should "focus more on her heritage" than on investigating his companies in his latest snub of the Democratic presidential contender he calls 'Pocahontas'. For her part, Warren sought to address the controversy again a year ago when she took a DNA test.

Warren herself may "not be a free person" soon.

Trump is facing an ongoing federal investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller, who is examining Russian interference in the 2016 election, and an expanded House investigation into his finances and alleged ties to Russia.

Warren, however, has been dealing with the fallout from a serious scandal that some say impugns her credibility and personal code of ethics.

Her visit at the event, hosted by the National Conference of American Indians, comes after she apologized last week to the Cherokee Nation for releasing a DNA test in October in an attempt to prove she had Native ancestry. It's no longer just the Mueller investigation. He also wrote: "See you on the campaign TRAIL, Liz!" "It's to talk about what we understand is broken in this country, talk about what needs to be done to change it". She also gave a speech previous year discussing her reasons for why she called herself a Native American, but she didn't apologize. It marked the first time the claim had been documented in Warren's own handwriting, reignited a debate that had begun quiet down, and prompted yet another apology. Trump has frequently taken digs at the senator by calling her Pocahontas, a reference to the native woman who lived in present-day Virginia in the 1600s and agreed to marry an English colonist to help ensure peace and protect her people.