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Suspect in Facebook video killing shoots himself to death


The US man wanted for killing an elderly man in OH and posting a video of the murder on Facebook fatally shot himself Tuesday after a brief pursuit in neighboring Pennsylvania, police said.

"Each one of us forgives the killer, the murderer", Godwin's daughter Tonya Godwin Baines said Monday.

The man who randomly killed a Cleveland retiree and posted video of the crime on Facebook shot himself to death in his vehicle Tuesday during a police chase in Pennsylvania, ending a multistate manhunt less than 48 hours after it began. Stephens had claimed in subsequent Facebook video posts that he "snapped" and that he killed more people and would continue to do so. As it turned out, Stephens did in fact kill himself, less than two hours away from the city in which he allegedly murdered an innocent pedestrian.

The 37-year-old Cleveland man shot to death elderly junk collector Robert Godwin Sr. on Easter Sunday for no apparent reason - then streamed the sickening act on Facebook.

Stephens' alleged crime has also drawn attention to a number of other incidents that have been documented on social media.

Stephens' mother, Maggie Green, said her son stopped by her house Saturday and gave her a cryptic message. He asked Godwin how old he was before pulling out a gun and pointing it at Godwin's head. Cleveland Police have now issued an aggravated murder warrant for Stephens, and they have launched a manhunt.

"He could be nearby".

Yesterday, there were reports that Stephens was spotted in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park area, but police said the reports were unsubstantiated. But they said there was no sign he was actually there.

Some of those who know Stephens described him as pleasant and kind, while some said he had a gambling problem. One resident said Stephens was there two days ago, fixing the home's garage.

News of the murder went viral on Sunday after Stephens posted a video of the shooting on Facebook.

Stephens, who had no prior criminal record, was not suspected in any other killings, Cleveland officials said. But we know we need to do better... Numerous reported sightings turned out to be false, leading to further frustration for the authorities attempting to find the alleged killer. "That's all he was doing".

Haymon, Godwin's youngest child from his first marriage, said he was the father of 10.

Zuckerberg, speaking at Facebook's annual conference for software developers, took time out of a keynote address about an augmented reality project to express sympathy to the friends and family of the shooting victim, Robert Godwin Sr.