Surprising social media trends from around the world


Whilst the digital revolution has made the world a much smaller place, there are still a few striking differences in the ways that various nations approach social media.

Some countries seem reluctant to use Twitter, whereas other nations have proven to find social media an essential way to interact with gaming sites and even affect political change.

So here’s a look at some of the more idiosyncratic social media trends currently happening around our planet.

European variance

Given the massive range of cultures and languages in Europe, it’s no surprise to find that various nations have their own take on social media.

Key amongst these is France which displays a healthy penchant for their homegrown Copains d’Avant social network that is still more popular than the omnipresent Facebook.

And sometimes it’s revealing why a nation decides not to take up a particular social network. Germany has proven reluctant to use Twitter on the same extent as its European neighbours, which might be a result of the difficulty in trying to fit the notoriously long German words in the 140 character limit, or may even be a sign of the importance that Germans place upon their privacy.

Global take-up

In terms of nations proving keenest to use social media, Brazil is racing ahead. It’s been found that Brazilians spend over nearly four hours per day on social networks , which is one hour extra than Americans.

And similarly, South Africa has experienced a massive rise in the use of social media . This is why many South African companies such as Celestial Games keep fans informed of their latest developments through their Twitter feed.

And Springbok Casino have also allowed users increased enjoyment of their slots, poker and roulette games thanks to their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ channels. This means that gamers are able to enjoy the social aspect of the casino games alongside the phenomenal mobile gaming ability that such casino sites afford the new generation of casino fans.

Keyword revolution

But it’s the social networks’ ability to quickly create global trends that remains most impressive. Despite nations such as China using governmental powers to repeatedly restrict access to many of the most popular social media networks, the UmbrellaRevolution hashtag was used in Hong Kong recently to draw the world’s attention to the political struggles with incredible speed and ease.

And few countries have shown the revolutionary potential of social media networks than Egypt. From revolutions to counter-revolutions, to charity appeals, the Egyptian use of Facebook has shown that social networks can be used for so much more than funny cat videos.

So from online casino sites to the efforts of public protest, it seems our social networks offer us all unlimited potential.