‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Now Supports VR Through Nintendo Labo


Nintendo launched the Nintendo Labo VR kit back in April, allowing Nintendo Switch users to play around with virtual reality. When in this mode, players can fight up to three AI opponents offline while viewing the whole action through their headset.

In any case, Ultimate's VR mode isn't the only thing coming along with version 3.1.0. Ultime in VR mode, you will need to have the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con VR goggles.

There are also some hurdles to overcome if you want to play locally. The latest is Super Smashwatch - yet another bewilderingly lavish custom mode in the Overwatch Workshop, and one that stands comfortable alongside other Super Smash Bros PC alternatives.

SSBUBot, a feed that pulls server update information for Super Smash Bros. Nintendo did release a patch note detailing all the changes that they will be making to all the characters in the game. This will give fans of VR an entirely new way to experience Smash Bros. and could potentially make it feel like an entirely different game. Ultimate is down to just $49.94, so you should definitely pick up a copy if you don't already have it. And Breath of The Wild, well, you could just look around a tad more from behind Link.

Since all it's doing is providing a slightly closer, angled view of the battle - there's nothing dramatic like making this a first-person brawler - I can't see much use for this. Once the patch is live you can send your amiibo figures off on journeys to train through the Games and More menu.