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Sunday's temps on cooler side, snow showers in morning

Easter 2018 weather forecast

We'll also see a bit cooler air dragged into the area behind that storm to the south. Highs are mostly in the mid-40s. Watch ABC 17 News for the latest forecast and check back here for updates. This time of the year we should be getting close to 50 degrees.

Crews have been out since the storm lifted, removing snow from roads, sidewalks and parking lots. If you get caught under one of these, it will be over quickly.

OR has also extended their deadline to April 15. There was a possibility of thunderstorms and isolated hail Saturday afternoon, she said. Those squalls moved through and did not last that long, but just long enough to kick up the winds and blow the rain/hail sideways - making for some pretty interesting weather pictures.

The next system rolls in Monday, bringing light rain. High pressure remains in control of our region, which will keep conditions here dry.

The wintry precipitation largely will stem from the interaction of two atmospheric low-pressure troughs. Indianapolis saw temperatures of 55 degrees on Sunday and 60 degrees Monday, while Chicago soared to 57 degrees on Sunday.

Skies are mostly clear and temperatures vary from the upper 20s to the lower 40s. Therefore, I would not cancel any outdoor plans. "Down in High Point, that's a little south of probably where the highest chance would be for accumulation".

Temps on Saturday and Sunday will remain above freezing between Boston and Worcester, with highs in the upper 30's.

TONIGHT: Rain may transition into a period of winter mix or all snow for some counties (mainly north of highway 164) tonight, with lows in the lower to mid 30s.

Chilly with clouds yielding to some sun; a snow shower in the area during the AM. Currently, 50s are expected for Tuesday and Wednesday.

As we've seen on the East Coast lately, strong snow storms can strike in March, and we'll have our own to deal with Saturday. By the time we get into the afternoon, though, temperatures warm into the mid-40s.