Subscription service launched today. Here's what to expect

ESPN and its new president James Pitaro look for a win from a new sports streaming service

The service will not offer live sporting events nor access to ESPN but will be catered as a platform for "niche sports".

For starters, it's worth emphasizing what won't be included in ESPN+: The big games that you'd get through the linear ESPN channels.

ESPN will unveil a paid streaming service on Thursday as the cable sports network looks to combat mounting subscriber losses that have weighed on the bottom line of parent company Disney. A large amount of this content it the type of stuff you could have been streaming for free on the Watch ESPN app until now. Instead, he suggested that it's created to appeal to a variety of sports fans, including "core ESPN fans" who are "hungry for even more sports", as well as those who follow sports like cricket, rugby and soccer, which have been "historically underserved". If you work for Disney, you might describe it as "thousands of additional live events", which includes a game a day from Major League Baseball and a game a day from the National Hockey League (starting next season).

In light of what ESPN+ is offering, the next obvious question becomes, what was Disney's intent when they made a decision to launch the service? Other live streaming content will include Grand Slam tennis, rugby, golf, and cricket contests.

The number of video streaming services that are available to choose from is pretty staggering these days, and now another one's joining the ranks in the form of ESPN+. However, you should note that its offering is not similar to the ESPN we are all familiar with. Adding the 30 for 30 archive is definitely one way of helping to prop up the variety bag of live events, and eliminating ads all over ESPN as part of your subscription is nice, too.

The service is accessed through the "Watch" section in the ESPN app, and it's joined by ESPN's other original and featured content.

ESPN is trying to pivot to cordcutter and cordnever demands after the company lost more than twelve million subscribers over the last few years. The app will still provide sports scores, news and analysis, video highlights, and audio (both live and on-demand).

To ensure the ESPN app is updated, the automatic update mode must be activated on Apple TV devices by going to Settings Apps and making sure the "Automatically Update Apps" setting is turned "On".