'Street Fighter 5' DLC Rumors: Abigail's Arrival Teased

Final Fight Abigail Coming To Street Fighter 5

A new character is on its way to 'SF5.' Taking the center stage at the Evo 2017, the game developer announced the arrival of Abigail in the sixth installment of its hit "Street Fighter" series.

Prior to tonight's Street Fighter V top 8, producer Yoshinori Ono took the stage for a quick announcement.

The trailer from Capcom shows Abigail as a strong character with attacks such as a running punch followed by a two-fisted slam down.

Lore wise, Abigail is a Canadian who runs a scrap metal yard in the Metro City Bay Area, but he's also a member of the Mad Gear Gang, the criminal gang from Final Fight. The pass is available for $29.99 and brings five other fighters and a bunch of battle costumes, too. We are talking about Abigail, who you should already know from Final Fight. Abigail was a non-playable boss in the Final Fight games he appeared in, so this will be his first ever appearance on the character select screen.

Abigail's Critical Art sees him grab his opponent, stick them up into an imaginary stage ceiling, then use them as a punching bag before smashing them onto the camera.

The new challenger will drop a quarter into Capcom's fighter on 25th July, and will be the fourth fighter made available as part of the title's second Season Pass.

On the same day, the publisher is also launching another new stage and a further set of outfits; this time inspired by the upcoming Capcom Pro Tour.