Stop What You're Doing and Play Ms. Pac-Man in Google Maps

April Fools Day 2017 Images

Unlike both of its Maps celebrations, the Doodle allowed simultaneous multiplayer, with Player One controlling Pac with the arrow keys on the keyboard, and Player Two controlling Ms. Pac with WASD.

"Starting now until April 4, you can chomp fruit, avoid ghosts, and collect PAC-Dots along city streets in Google Maps worldwide-all as Ms", PAC-MAPS product manager David Hendon said in blog post.

Google Maps users on smartphones can access the game by opening up the Google Maps app and clicking the pink circle in the bottom right of the screen.

If you find yourself out and about this afternoon and decide you're in the mood for some classic video game action, Google Maps has you covered. You'll see a button on there that either looks like Ms. Pac-Man or says "Insert Coin". Here's how to play Ms. Pac-Man in Google Maps for April Fools Day, because you won't want to miss your chance.

Ms Pac-Man is available to play online and through an updated version of the iOS and Android mobile apps. In fact, past year we had to tread carefully enough to differentiate the real news of the bullshit in the wind before April Fool's Day.

Google actually did something similar with Pac-Man back in 2015.

Warning: It's not the easiest game to play and it's also very addictive. You can't turn your current coordinates into a spot in the game.

Here are a few interesting game boards I tried out. Gamers may recall Google Maps' Pokémon Challenge three years ago, and they're continuing from another novelty for this year's April Fools' Day.