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India Has Set Example By Committing To Beat Plastic Pollution UN

A UN report issued on Tuesday - World Environment Day - showed dozens of nations acting to cut plastic, including a ban on plastic bags in Kenya, on styrofoam in Sri Lanka and the use of biodegradable bags in China.

"Implement the Extended Producer Responsibility programme where manufacturers must be held to account for the entire lifecycle of their consumer products", the statement read.

Cimatu said the easiest and best way to reduce plastic waste is to use reusable alternatives such as eco-friendly tumblers and eco-bags. He talked about the milestones Sepa has achieved to curb the menace of plastic. If the present trend continues, plastic in the sea will weigh more than all marine animals combined, with most of the pollution originating in emerging nations in Asia, Africa and Latin America, which do not have appropriate systems to collect and treat it.

"When it comes to plastic pollution, Brits are mad as hell and they're not going to take it anymore". At another event to mark World Environment day Union Minister Jitendra Singh appealed to educational institutions and students to make society aware about the ill effects of using plastic.

Every year over 64,000 tonnes of plastic food packaging and plastic bottles is sent to landfill in Scotland, costing £11 million each year.

With the United States working on its way to quit the historic Paris Climate Agreement, Solheim says it's just the right time for India and China - among the world's top polluters - to lead the world in the war against climate change and pollution.

Each World Environment Day is organised around a theme that focuses attention on a particularly pressing environmental concern. The longevity of plastics, considered its greatest advantage, has today become the source of the biggest threat to our planet. Like all rubbish, plastic waste blocks drains and waterways. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also urged people to pledge to "beat plastic pollution".

Despite having only a handful of resources, Sepa is doing its utmost to combat environmental issues, he said, elaborating that more needs to be done for the protection of the environment, which could only be achieved through a joint effort from all stakeholders and the masses.

The fight against plastic pollution demands a fundamental change in our attitude and behaviour towards plastics and the way we live our lives.

Ghana on Tuesday joined the global community to mark the World Environment Day with a call on the citizenry to all join hands in dealing with the plastic waste menace, by adopting the right attitudes towards waste management.