Stars pay tribute to music legend Chuck Berry

Berry exhibit

Musicians and entertainers reacted to the death of music icon Chuck Berry, who died at age 90 on Saturday in his home in Missouri.

Rock legend Rod Stewart stated that Chuck Berry was a cornerstone in Rock and Roll, as his "Live at the Tivoli" was the first album he ever bought.

As for Johnny B. Goode - originally meant to be about a black boy, but changed to "country boy" for wider appeal - countless bands covered it, among them the Beatles, country star Buck Owens and heavy metal band Judas Priest.

Chuck Berry in a recording studio in the late-1950s. The home of the blues.

"The Rolling Stones are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Chuck Berry".

"Dylan called Berry the "Shakespeare of rock n" roll' and with good reason", Guralnick said Sunday.

As Strauss approached Berry in 2010, he was warned by the restaurant owner where they would meet that he might bail from the interview after five minutes. Every record by Berry, who died on Saturday at age 90, was a guitar lesson. Berry's great-grandparents were slaves.

Randy Bachman is a Canadian musician and a founding member of The Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive. He wasn't interested in studies and was also imprisoned once, for an armed robbery when he was 17, according to Berry's biography. Married to his wife, Themetta Suggs, since 1948 and with four children to support, Berry embraced the musical style that made his career. Chess Records was where Howlin' Wolf, the Moonglows and Big Bill Broonzy laid tracks. The release is "the place to start listening to Chuck Berry", AllMusic's Bruce Eder wrote.

"Rock "n" roll was born when savvy adults began writing closely observed lyrics about teen obsessions. celebrating adolescence as a unique way of understanding the world", Keith Harris wrote in City Pages. That was probably Ike Turner with "Rocket 88". Simply put, unlike Domino, Presley, Haley or even the immensely influential Diddley, Chuck Berry helped codify what rock music would become. I'm going to dig out my Chuck Berry blond Gibson and play some of his songs tonight and I'm going to re-read his biography. He appealed, but the conviction was upheld at a 1961 trial.

Berry was actually set to release an album in 2017.

The Boss grabbed a sign from the audience with the name of Berry's "You Never Can Tell" written on it. One of my early concerts as a teen was seeing you.