"Star Wars" breakout Kelly Marie Tran is STILL facing racist trolls

Kelly Marie Tran in The Last Jedi. More

Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Kelly Marie Tran has purged her Instagram, allegedly due to long-term harassment by fans.

Tran wiped her account due to months of harassment over her character Rose Tico, a fan account Star Wars Facts reported Monday night.

Sadly this isn't the first time that a woman involved in the Star Wars franchise has been forced off social media by so-called fans, with Tran's co-star Daisy Ridley deleting her Instagram in 2016 after she was bombarded with abusive messages for posting about gun violence. As the first woman of color in a major role in the franchise (and a huge nerd!) Tran also became an ambassador for diversity and positivity in Star Wars.

Tran, however, received an outpouring of support from Twitter users on Tuesday as word spread about her social media sabbatical. "I look forward to the hundreds of awesome things she will make over the course of her long career". Hopefully this is an attempt by the actress to keep her 192k followers around so that she can keep a number of her actual fans should she decide to start her account back up again.

We like & dislike stuff but we do it with humor, love & respect. Alt-right iInternet personality Paul Ray Ramsey took aim at her appearance publicly, and the "Wookieepedia" page for Tran's character was altered by contributors with offensive, racist language. "I'm super sensitive-not too sensitive-but I really feel things", the actress told Glamour in 2017. "We're the VAST majority, we're having fun and doing just fine".

Tran made her big-screen debut as the irrepressible Resistance mechanic Rose Tico in The Last Jedi.

This decision by https://www.instagram.com/kellymarietran/?hl=en|Kelly Marie Tran to completely wipe her Instagram was most likely for the best.

And while we can't confirm the reason, Tran's Instagram account is now empty. Simple as that. That is not what I signed up for. Going further, some less forgiving fans hate Rose for being a non-white, non-male character, which many people seriously have an issue with for all the wrong reasons.