Spotify Lite launches in SA

Spotify now has a Lite app for Android users in 36 countries

Spotify launched Lite in India in June, months after the full service went live in the country in February. More importantly, it can be used independently from the main Spotify app on all Android phones powered by Android 4.3 or higher.

Spotify Lite is a simple and fast version of the same music experience, and is very similar to the original app with a few tweaks made to improve the app experience on older devices or operating systems.

Finding Spotify Lite could be a challenge, though.

The music streaming company says that the app will be rolled be rolled in more markets with with features features to follow also.

Spotify Lite app takes 10 MB of space, compared with the standard Spotify app's 100 MB, and boasts a new feature that allows you to set a data limit. It'll also let you manually clear your cache if you have a device that is close to being out of storage.

Spotify hopes that the smaller app for those with limited data plans will help it grow its user base in developing markets.

There are no changes in the subscription fees with no charges on the Free account and while the Premium account costs R59.99. Spotify notes that Spotify Lite is available in 36 countries including 5 from Africa - Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and South Africa - where the service has been available for some time now.

Other popular social media apps have also their lite versions as well. Apart from this, the Spotify lite app doesn't allow users to download songs and play offline. As far as the experience is concerned, it should be identical to the one offered by the main app. It's only available for Android, but it 's meant to work with a majority of the Android phones, regardless of if it's a newly released device or not. Spotify is hoping to give users access to music who might not otherwise be able to access given their location in the world.