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Speaker Ryan departure sparks unrest, GOP fears losing House

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House Speaker Paul Ryan was pressed Thursday about the diversity of the Republican Party, a discussion prompted by President Donald Trump's tweet of a photo from a dinner he hosted at the White House for members of Republican leadership.

Kim Alfano, Republican Party strategist and founder of Alfano Communications. Trump showed impatience with Congress' pace in dealing with his proposals, and Ryan had to deal with a president who shared little of his interest in policy detail.

He became GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's running mate in 2012.

PBS Newshour: The Legacy Of Paul Ryan - "When his predecessor, John Boehner, stepped down as the speaker of the House in 2015, Paul Ryan did not want the job".

Still, for many Republicans, it's unclear who will be left in leadership to counterbalance Trump.

Ryan said that their cheery expressions were because they were celebrating all of their accomplishments, but King cut in to point out that the photograph was rather homogenous. He has had more trust with the hardliners in the House. And we need more minorities, more women in our party. "His ability to bridge the vast divide".

By triggering a House leadership struggle when the party should focus on defending its congressional majorities and advancing Trump's agenda, Ryan dismayed some Republicans already concerned about their prospects with United States voters in November. He will likely compete with Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana.

Tobin Ryan said he thinks Paul never forgot his Wisconsin roots during the ascent to one of the country's highest offices.

As the House GOP's top fundraiser, Ryan's lame-duck status could send shockwaves through donor circles that are relying on his leadership at the helm of the House majority. He has hauled in $54 million so far this election cycle. "It's just another issue that's floating out there, and obviously there's going to be some competition for his successor". Vos did not immediately return telephone or text messages. Steil did not immediately return an email seeking comment. He had almost $2.3 million in the bank at the end of the first quarter.

White supremacist Paul Nehlen already has announced his campaign for the Republican primary. Janesville teacher Cathy Myers has also been running on the Democratic side.