SpaceX launches satellite to provide increased connectivity to Africa

SpaceX small-satellite deployment

The backup launch window also got delayed for the same reason.

SpaceX initially aimed for a launch on Saturday, Aug. three, however needed to reevaluate its plans after a routine preflight static fireplace take a look at on Thursday (Aug 1) indicated a valve problem on the Falcon 9. The launch was pushed back, with the earliest possible launch coming on Monday, August 5th.

The Falcon 9 stands some 230 feet (70 meters) in height and has nine Merlin 1D engines in the first of its two stages.

Makes those extra kilos you paid for on your last SAA flight seem like a pittance. Quickly after, SpaceX tweeted that the corporate was working in the direction of a Tuesday night launch. Spaceflight Industries says it is getting out of the business of organizing ride-shares on large vehicles like the Falcon 9, though.

Manufactured by Boeing Satellite Systems International, Amos-17 is 6.5-ton high-power, HTS, whose payload has been created to meet the demand of the African continent, though it will also have connectivity to the Middle East, Europe, India, China and as far west as Brazil. Amos 6 got destroyed on September 1, 2016, during that mission's static fire test. If a few operators do need to drop out of a mission, it shouldn't affect the mission's schedule. The time has not been set yet.

The launch began at 2:23 am with the takeoff of the Falcon 9 rocket booster, which carried the Amos 17 into space. Unlike in many previous launches, SpaceX will not try to recover the rocket's first stage, which flew twice in 2018.

Falcon 9 had a successful year with seven flights and seven successful landings to its name.

SpaceX is not the only launch planned this week. Through the SpaceX's rideshare program, the smaller satellites will be launched on time with or without other satellites.

For now, there is still no official confirmation yet.

"If you go back from then until now, (SpaceX has) a very ideal history of launches", he said.