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South Korea picks candidates for reunions with North Korean families

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The official, who spoke to a small group of reporters ahead of a trip to Asia this week by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, did not specify details but suggested that the timeline would be rapid enough to make clear Pyongyang's level of commitment.

"If we can't do that, if it turns out that there is no capacity to deliver the outcome that both presidents said they wanted, yeah, we reassess".

Most of the money went on security, the foreign ministry said, without giving a detailed breakdown.

The South Korean prime minister said moving the artillery is under discussion amid thawing bilateral tensions.

"There always will be challenges and there is work to do, but none of this could have happened without the commitment of the two senior leaders", Pompeo said, "and so long as that commitment stays in place, the United States is prepared to do exactly what the president said, which is create a brighter future for North Korea and provide security assurances for the North Korean people".

Pompeo told CNN that instead he would "assess" the North Korean regime's promise to take steps toward "complete denuclearization" as the USA has suspended military drills on the peninsula.

Pompeo told CNN that Trump's decision to suspend USA military exercises in the region will continue "only so long as there is a good-faith negotiation progress, productive results being achieved".

"The large, joint, combined exercises have been suspended". U.S. recovery efforts in the country were halted in 2005 as tensions heightened between the two countries.

Despite Kim's summits with the leaders of China, South Korea and the United States in a flurry of diplomatic activity over the past year, no date has been set for one with Japan.

Trump announced last week that North Korea returned the remains of 200 USA or allied service members lost in the Korean War, while the Pentagon announced on Friday it would indefinitely suspend two training exercises with South Korea. Last year, the ensuing month of "struggle" included constant tirades against the United States and its "puppets" in South Korea.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is also expected to visit Pyongyang soon to lead the nuclear negotiation process. For many North Koreans, the program was also quite likely the first time they had ever seen what Trump looks like.