SNES Classic: "Significantly More Units" Than NES Classic


Nintendo is sticking with making new versions of their classic consoles with their announcement of the Super Nintendo Classic Edition.

The NES Classic Edition was stocked sporadically throughout the year, and we already know that the Super NES Classic Edition is a limited release as well. In addition, the controllers for the SNES Classic Edition have cords that are 2 feet longer than those of the NES Classic Edition, fixing one of the major complaints against the retro console.

Gamers will be able to play 21 pre-loaded classic titles, including Super Mario Kart, Super Metroid, Super Castlevania IV and Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Hyper Fighting, Alphr says.

The SNES Classic will retail for $79.99 and be released on September 29 according to the company.

It would be fair to say that Nintendo's NES Classic, which was released past year, was considerably more popular than the Japanese company was expecting. The Super NES Classic Edition also supports HDMI output for high-definition TV playback just like the NES Classic, the game console released in 2016, TIME reported. The "classic mini" edition will be available in both variants, depending on the market in which it is sold.

With that in mind, when Nintendo announced the SNES Classic yesterday, fans expressed concern that history could repeat itself and Nintendo might again struggle to meet consumer demand.

The SNES Classic is already destined to be a smash hit this holiday season, but time will tell if Nintendo has learned from their mistakes with the NES Classic. These games have been free to download, but have in-app purchases, consistent with other free-to-play mobile games.

Perhaps the best way to secure an SNES Classic Edition is to preorder the device. The console is scheduled to launch in Australia and New Zealand by September 30.