Snapchat's controversial "Snap Map" causes children safety concerns

Snapchat's new Map feature shows where friends are

"They do have heat maps so you can see where the hot spots are", Francis said.

Snap Map allows friends to see where users are posting, revealing their location on a map.

Meanwhile, Larry Magid, of, told The Guardian: "Users should be aware of the feature and review it periodically - if a friend becomes an ex-friend, for example".

Snapchat introduced a new feature called "Snap Map". Other Snaps, from non-friends, show up as ones being submitted to the Snapchat Our Story feature, which features curated videos and photos from the Snapchat community.

Noticing that the new feature could be used for stalking, Police authorities in United Kingdom have warned parent's to turn off "Snap Map" on their children's phone.

She said people need to be careful, but the new feature benefits her as a parent because she can keep better track of her son when he leaves the house. She said despite how technology companies aim to help parents, they have to do the groundwork themselves.

"Right now, it's in your face. They are not going to share that they are in their room crying because they're sad and lonely".

The school has spoken to pupils and advised them on how to not share their location on the app.

Users are able to opt out of the Snap Map by setting their app to "Ghost Mode". While the feature allows users to find their friends, the Rosenberg Police Department warned there may be children who have friends on Snapchat that they have never met before.

FOX40 talked to a few Snapchat users and a parent of a user who all agree - it's creepy. "It's also not possible to share your location with someone who isn't already your friend on Snapchat".