Teresa Giudice Admits She Feels Like A ‘Virgin Again’

Teresa Giuidce Tweet Joe Giudice Learns Gia Giudice Tweet Caused Trouble

Teresa called Joe to check in while he was on a trip upstate with the girls and Teresa's brother and sister-in-law, Joe and Melissa Gorga. Money is pretty much the reason why it happened. "We're in this family together".

"Every time the Giudices make money, the government gets a portion of it", Leonard says. "I hope Teresa is just prioritizing what's important and what's not", she mused. I don't know about Melissa. Through the phone, she lead an emotional prayer.

During tonight's episode, Teresa Giuidce tells Joe Giudice that prison officials became irate about the tweet and searching her prison room for an illegal cell phone.

Part three of Bravo's Real Housewives of New Jersey special, Teresa Checks In, showed Joe Giudice struggling to keep up with (and control of) the four daughters he shares with his incarcerated wife.

During a call with Melissa, her brother, and her husband, Teresa reported that all the girls in prison say, "After you've been here a while, you turn into a virgin again". While Melissa has yet to be approved, Joe was able to go see his sister and it "broke" him, he said. Joe Giudice will enter prison next year.

Never saw my mother cry. Joe Gorga later admits to us that he spent the first hour of the visit crying, with Teresa trying to comfort him, and then at the end of the visit, Teresa was the one sobbing. "It's very hard for me because your sister's back there like some chained animal", he added.

Later, Joe Gorga picks up this thread. "This broke me. I was helpless, I couldn't help her...", Joe said while choking up. "I'm not going anywhere", Melissa quipped. "I'm okay, '" he recalled as his eyes misted up again. Basically, it's just like New Jersey, with more jumpsuits. But not all. There is also the dual specter of sprinkle cookies and passive-aggressive housewarming notes.

Joe faces a 41-month sentence on the aforementioned fraud charges that is set to commence soon after his wife has served out the remainder of her 15-month bid at the Danbury Correctional facility. Gia: "Well, if you did, Dad, then Mom would really, like, leave you". Don't forget to play along to "Name the Show" based on quirky TV dialogue. Okay, so that's news! That Milania shaves Joe's back.

When his lawyer asked what he'd learned, Joe revealed maybe he hadn't learned that much. It's a weird thing to say, since Melissa herself is presently on a TV show, and judging by the images that Teresa Checks In has lodged in our minds, prison is just a place where you watch Magic Mike with your girlfriends, go to spin class, and have your vagina tightened.


Last week, while watching Teresa Checks In and reading viewers' responses on Twitter, I noticed some Real Housewives fans getting upset about what they believed were crocodile tears on Melissa's part. ("Tough luck, fish.") Gabriella tells her father, who marches out with Gabriella to the pond. "It was extremely scary for Teresa and she was also subjected to a full strip search, including the dreaded bending over and coughing". Gabriella: "She has many problems". "I'm almost positive. I don't know".