Siri can now play Spotify tracks on iOS 13

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Spotify also recently updated its mobile app for iOS 13, letting you use Siri to play songs or playlists.

Under the new update you will be able to ask Siri to make a call and the system, recognizing you usually call this contact over WhatsApp or Skype, will use one of those apps as opposed to defaulting to Apple's own Phone and FaceTime apps, Bloomberg reported on October 2. Simply keep in mind to add "with Spotify" to the end of your Siri requests. It's as simple as giving a voice command like "hey Siri, play (album name) on Spotify". The voice command for the requests is "Hey Siri, play ..." followed by the song or podcasts that you want to listen and then ending with "on Spotify". Spotify app now supports low data mode in iOS 13.

The Spotify update we've been waiting for since the launch of iOS 13 has landed.

According to Spotify, Siri can now control playback on the iPhone, iPad and AirPods. This made it hard for Spotify to compete with Apple Music, as Apple was charging Spotify for every purchase of a premium plan made through an Apple device. Not mentioning a specific app will have Siri default to using Apple's own versions of those applications. It can also be used with CarPlay and HomePod via your iPhone. When you switch the mode on, it'll automatically toggle the app's Data Saver mode.

Spotify has been pressing for antitrust action against Apple for several years.

Although its UI feels a little uninspired to me, Spotify is a nice addition to the Apple TV for its subscribers.

Next, Spotify has redesigned its iPad app to take advantage of the device's wider display.

While some of this could soon change, since Apple is said to be working on a refresh that would allow users to default to other apps, the initial stages seem to be focused only on messaging and calling apps, so it might be some time before you'll be able to make Spotify your default music app.