Sheriff: Jammed rifle helped in school shooting

Suspect in school shooting said victim who died bullied him

Students at Freeman High School in the tiny town of Rockford, south of Spokane, say they knew about the videos.

A freshman who witnessed the shooting told local KREM-TV that the shooter, a classmate since elementary school, stalked the hallway with a pistol and second gun, appearing calm as he fired at his victims and the ceiling.

He also said the shooter was obsessed with other school shootings.

The three other victims who were shot are reportedly in stable condition.

"Today that student came to school, armed".

Spokane Public Schools said on Twitter Wednesday morning that all schools in the district were "in full lockdown as a precautionary measure", and later tweeted the lockdown had been lifted. "Today he chose to bring guns to school including a rifle which was stored in his large duffel bag and a handgun inside his coat pocket".

The name of the shooter has not been released, but he is reported to be a sophomore.

Other state leaders are reacting to the shooting at Freeman High School.

Three students were taken to hospital and another who confronted Sharpe was shot dead.

Sheriff Knezovich previously said his efforts saved the lives of other students who were in the gunman's firing line.

The shooter was stopped by a janitor at the school.

"I always knew you were going to shoot up the school", Strahan reportedly said before he died, according to court records seen by The Spokesman-Review.

After the shooting, a two-lane road into the community of about 500 people near the Idaho border was clogged with vehicles.

"'I got into school, and I have a locker on the freshman floor, on the second floor", said Elisa. "I've never heard him like that", Moser told the newspaper.

Investigators are trying to determine whether bullying was the main motive in the shooting.

The shooting was accounted for at Freeman High School in Rockford on Wednesday.

"We're looking for every school to be prepared for an incident likely never to happen, but they have to be prepared in case it does", he said.

Riverside School District noted that new security protocol is in place at all schools.

"Knowing the type of person that his father was, it doesn't surprise me one bit that Sam tried to stop the shooter", she said.

A call to the school was not immediately returned.

A Washington state trooper called Wednesday the worst day of his career after he had to respond to an active shooter at his child's school.

A year ago, an adolescent killed his father and then shot and wounded two children and a teacher at a SC primary school.