Shep Smith explodes: Trump family's "deception" is "mind-boggling"

Fox News’ Shepard Smith Slams White House for ‘Lie After Lie After Lie’ About Russia More

Ted Lieu of California thanked Fox News host Shephard Smith for "telling the truth" about President Donald Trump and how his administration has handled the investigations into claims of Russian meddling in the USA 2016 presidential election, The Hill reported Saturday.

Smith's evident exasperation at the administration came as reports reveled there were more people at the Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lawyer than what officials initially acknowledged.

Though Fox News is dominated by unhinged conspiracy-mongers (Hannity, Sean) and disingenuous outrage-peddlers (Carlson, Tucker), the network retains a few "real" journalists who function as a reputational fig leaf for the network, just so people don't get the impression that it's all propaganda over there.

On Twitter, the president has repeatedly praised "Fox & Friends". Smith then launched into a heated criticism of the Trump administration in light of breaking news, responding, "I know now we haven't because there's news breaking at this moment ..." They tell us there's nothing to this, that nothing came of it, there's a nothingburger, it wasn't even memorable, didn't write it down, didn't tell you about it, because it wasn't anything, so I didn't even remember it - with a Russian interpreter in the room at Trump Tower. "And why are we getting told all these lies?'"

The inconsistencies and revisions in Trump Jr's recollection of events outraged Smith, who went on a lengthy rant taking the administration to task for failing to be forthcoming.

"My grandmother used to say when first we practice to - Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive", he said. Jared Kushner and the whole White House gang for repeatedly lying about their contacts with Russian Federation during the 2016 election.

"The deception, Chris, is mind boggling", he said.

"I don't know what to say".

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