Sheep recognize faces of celebrities

Jake Gyllenhaal seen here with an animal that is not a sheep

"I guess they have extended our work to show that sheep generalize viewpoints of the faces, which does require a rich representation of the identity".

The Cambridge congregation included eight Welsh Mountain female sheep that learned successfully four different faces of celebrities, during the experiment.

In fact, sheep could even identify the faces of his coaches without training.

If you ever find yourself in the company of sheep, don't be surprised if they seem to recognize you.

For the study, researchers trained the sheep to recognize faces of Emma Watson, Barack Obama, Fiona Bruce and Jake Gyllenhaal.

It's always been known a flock can become familiar with the visages of their human handlers. Sheep now join other animals, including horses, dogs, rhesus macaques and mockingbirds, that are able to distinguish between individuals of other species. The sheep were having two options in each step as a photo of celebrity face or another is of something else. Then, during the trials, the sheep were released into a pen where they had to discern between the familiar faces and an object or an unfamiliar face. Recently, scientists created genetically modified sheep that have Huntington's.

Every time an animal picked the celebrity face instead of a different image on a second screen, it would get a food reward.

The research isn't just a silly test, though.

A sheep looking at a photo of Emma Watson. On her first try, one sheep appeared taken aback by the new face in the mix. Scientists now found that that ability can be applied to photos of famous faces, too, Sky News reported.

Recognizing human faces is a skill you may take for granted-but you're also a human.

Humans and monkeys can now extend a warm welcome to sheep for joining us in being able to recognize human faces from photographs.