Seven held by Swedish authorities after Stokholm truck attack


A 39-year-old Islamic State supporter of Uzbek origin was arrested hours after the attack Friday, which left four people dead. As to the question of whether the Stockholm attacker acted alone, authorities say they "cannot rule out" other involvement.

The police arrested a 17-year-old and his mother from an address linked to the 39-year-old suspect from Uzbekistan.

"The suspect didn't appear in our recent files, but he earlier has been in our files", Thornberg said.

Prosecutor Hans Ihrman said the suspect has not yet spoken to authorities and could not confirm whether he was a legal resident of Sweden.

"We know that the suspect had expressed sympathy for extremist organisations, among them IS", Jonas Hysing, chief of national police operations, told a news conference, using an acronym for the ultra-hardline militant group.

One of those identified as having died in the attack was a British citizen.

Russian officials say the suicide bomber who attacked the St. Petersburg subway on April 3 was a native of Kyrgyzstan.

Attendees laid flowers on a large Swedish flag placed down the square's steps, while a woman in an Islamic headscarf was seen smiling with police guarding the ceremony, as she handed them flowers.

The man, detained on Friday night on terrorism charges after the attack in the capital, appeared to have acted alone but "we still can not rule out that more people are involved", he said.

Five other people of interest to the investigation remain in custody.

Several police cars parked near the scene were also covered in flowers by Swedes, who widely praised the emergency crews' speedy response to the attack. Swedish police say they can not yet say how many people were killed or injured when a truck ran into a crowd in central Stockholm. Prime Minister Lofven was reportedly only a few hundred meters from the attack when it happened - if that shook him, he didn't let it show.

"Stockholm is our city, a city we are proud of, where we like to be".

Many Swedes were back at work for the first time since the attack, while the department store into which the truck slammed had already reopened.

Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria also visited the site, laying a bouquet of roses on the ground Saturday and wiping away a tear, according to Fox News.