Seth Meyers Shoots Middle Finger To Trump Supporters

Eminem blasts Donald Trump in freestyle rap at BET Hip Hop Awards

In what is perhaps the fiercest and the most exhaustive attack against Trump, Eminem called the President everything from "Donald the b--" to a "racist grandpa" during the 4.5-minute freestyle rap.

The rapper also reference Trump's latest battle, which has been with the NFL - or more specifically players who have protested during the playing of the national anthem. "Kendrick opened the door for people like me and Vince to speak up instead of just glorifying the ignorant stuff", he told Pitchfork past year.

Late night hosts once again turned their attention to Donald Trump, especially in light of the President's threats to strip NBC of its broadcast license.

At the end of the "rap", Meyers threw up a middle finger at Trump supporters, much like Eminem said "fuck you" at the end of his freestyle. Let's just say it wasn't quite Slim Shady stuff. "He even found a way to rhyme the word "orange" - which had been previously thought impossible".

Despite apparently winning the election and becoming president, huge and awesome USA leader Donald Trump has his fair share of detractors. Now he's a loser.

As the title itself suggests, Eminem's video turned out to be a caustic take on Donald Trump, accusing him of racism and hypocrisy, while alluding to a lot of his recent controversies.

Not only this, through his rap, the Lose Yourself star also urged fans to choose sides between him and Trump. He drew a line in the sand.