Senate Republicans agree to vote on gun control: Democratic senator

As Trump hints on guns Congress eyes post Orlando debate

The long-contentious issue quickly gripped Capitol Hill anew this week after a shooter killed 49 people at a nightclub early Sunday in Orlando.

Democrats spoke of the need for new gun legislation. During the Democratic primary, for instance, Hillary Clinton routinely criticized Bernie Sanders for siding with the National Rifle Association, leading the Vermont senator to modify some of his positions. Nelson's measure would alert the Federal Bureau of Investigation when someone suspected or previously investigated for terror ties tries to buy a firearm.

Wendy Day, a GOP convention delegate from MI, said that many of her party colleagues were startled to see Trump "turn left when it came to the Second Amendment". He has wiped away tears in the East Room as he talked about dead kindergartners and sang Amazing Grace during the eulogy of a minister killed in church. So I hope that my colleagues understand that this is just the right thing to do, and that they will not give into the pressure from the NRA.

"Is there anybody who is going to come to the floor of the United States Senate and say that Colorado is worse off because we've kept guns out of the hands of murderers, or kidnappers, or rapists", said Bennet, referring to universal background checks in Colorado.

The call for stricter gun laws comes after the deadliest mass shooting in USA history in Orlando, Florida last Sunday. "Until private sales at gun shows and over the internet also require stringent background checks and unless suspected terrorists on the no fly list are prohibited from legally purchasing guns, our lax gun laws will continue to allow terrorists and criminals to amass a weapons stockpile", Harris said.

"How can we ignore the fact that in this country we make it easy and legal for risky people, including suspected terrorists, to commit unspeakable acts by providing them with easy access to guns?" she said.

In two separate articles this week, conservative website Breitbart falsely attacked Nebraska Republican Senator Ben Sasse for supporting a Democrat-backed gun control bill that Sasse actually publicly opposes. And eight years later, Wayne LaPierre told his members that cost Al Gore the presidency. Trump, for instance, has wrongly suggested that Clinton, who backs a bill that would leave gun manufacturers open to lawsuits, would "abolish the second amendment" if she won the White House. Republicans pledged to vote on the measures to prevent people on the terror watch list from buying guns and to expand background checks. "Donald Trump, is going to help our cause by his utter confusion around this issue".

However, unless a deal is struck the result will be the same as after the San Bernardino, California, terror attack in December: Both Feinstein's and Cornyn's measures were defeated. The bills would ban the possession of high capacity magazine clips and further restrict the sale of assault-style weapons.

This week, the NRA made robo-calls in Pennsylvania urging people to contact their senators and "express their strong opposition to any new gun control laws".