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Senate Intelligence Committee To Investigate Work Of GOP Operative Who Died

GOP operative who said he looked for Clinton emails on Flynn’s behalf reportedly died by suicide

Flynn, who was sacked in February just weeks after starting in his role as national security adviser to Trump and making misleading comments about his conversations with Russia's US ambassador, has not commented on Smith's search for Clinton's e-mails, or any involvement Flynn himself may have had with Smith in the process.

Emails obtained by the Journal indicate that Smith and his team believed that Flynn and Flynn's consulting company were assisting their effort. Reporters say he died soon after telling The Wall Street Journal. He never expressed to me any discomfort with the possibility that the e-mails he was seeking were potentially from a Russian front, a likelihood he was happy to acknowledge.

Peter Smith killed himself days after he was interviewed by The Wall Street Journal where he claimed to be working with Russian hackers to retrieve some 33,000 deleted Clinton emails and pass them to Michael Flynn, a former campaign adviser to Donald Trump.

Smith also told the Journal he believed hackers had Hillary's missing emails, and his team of sleuths had made contact with five groups - including two from Russian Federation - that claimed to have them in their possession.

While Smith had boasted ties to various members of the Trump campaign throughout his personal quest, those now-White House officials either declined to comment or claimed they had no idea what Smith was up to. Emails Clinton said she deleted were a focus of some of her opponents during the election campaign.

In his note, Smith wrote "NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER" was involved in his death, and said he took his own life because of a "RECENT BAD TURN IN HEALTH SINCE JANUARY, 2017" and because he "LIFE INSURANCE OF $5 MILLION (was) EXPIRING". That account was also included in a medical examiner's report and a Rochester police report, according to the Tribune. Smith was found with a bag over his head, a helium source, and a suicide note that read there was "NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER" regarding his death. Prior to attempting to uncover "dirt" on Hillary, he also spent more than 45 years searching for incriminating evidence against Bill Clinton.

The day before he died, Smith wrote a blog post that said "As attention turns to worldwide affairs, as it will shortly, the Russian interference story will die of its own weight".