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Sen. Cory Gardner Weighs In On Supreme Court Justice Nominee List

Sen. Cory Gardner Weighs In On Supreme Court Justice Nominee List

On Monday night, President Donald Trump will end the suspense; on prime-time television he'll announce who his SCOTUS nominee is for the Supreme Court seat being vacated by Justice Anthony Kennedy.

There's so much at stake with Donald Trump's pick.

CBS has learned he's narrowed the list of contenders to four appeals court judges.

But now that this cadre of evangelical voters, those who said they overcame their discomfort with other aspects of Trump's record because of the Supreme Court, have received what they wanted - two nominations, enough to create a five-members conservative majority on the court - that doesn't mean they'll drop their support of Trump, evangelical leaders say.

The US president said Judge Kavanaugh was known for having a "proven commitment to equal justice under the law".

Trump previous year appointed Neil Gorsuch, who has already become one of the most conservative justices, after Senate Republicans in 2016 refused to consider Democratic former President Barack Obama's nominee Merrick Garland to fill a vacancy left by the death of conservative Justice Antonin Scalia.

President Trump taunted his skeptics Sunday as he prepared to name his second nominee to the Supreme Court, tweeting a highlight reel of politicians and celebrities predicting he couldn't win the presidency. Throughout this process I have witnessed firsthand your appreciation for the vital role of the American judiciary.

What if the Supreme Court had term limits?

Kavanaugh told the president as he took the microphone to accept his nomination that he was "grateful to you" and "humbled by your confidence in me". He is also a George W. Bush appointment to the federal bench. Democrats, meanwhile, have raised alarm not just over Kavanaugh's conservative bona fides, but one of past academic writings in which he argued presidents "should be excused from some of the burdens of ordinary citizenship while serving in office" such as responding to civil lawsuits and investigative inquiries based out of criminal charges.

Like the other eight justices on the court, Kavanaugh has an Ivy League law degree, spending his undergraduate and law school years at Yale. As a judge on the US Court of Appeals in Washington he has written opinions on some of the nation's most sensitive issues. "A judge must be independent, and must interpret the law, not make the law".

Analysts say that could have weighed in his favour with the White House, given that the Supreme Court may at some point be asked to rule on matters arising from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing Russia-related investigation. When the court he serves on upheld a New Jersey law requiring a gun owner to obtain a permit to carry a gun in public places and show "a justifiable need" to carry the gun, Hardiman dissented, chastising the majority for upholding a law that dates to 1966 (and arguably 1924) as insufficiently long-standing. The two have supported access to abortion services. Judge Kavanaugh is relatively young, meaning he could serve for decades to come.

If as expected Trump nominates someone firmly to the right, conservatives could dominate the court for years.

Kethledge also was a law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. But Judge Kavanaugh may not be so accommodating.

"Well, they're going to be completely in concert with President Trump's promise to only appoint biased judges who will overturn Roe".

The front-runner was a front-runner for a reason.

Kavanaugh's views on impeachment could be controversial and of interest to Trump.